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Diversity infuses richness and nurtures strength in the workplace, focusing on respect for all human differences, including age, cultural, ethnic, racial, international, linguistic, gender, socioeconomic, educational, religious, sexual orientation, and ability. Diversity is valued for bringing a balance in perspective, talent, skill, and strengths to the workplace. 

The University of California, Irvine is committed to attaining excellence through diversity. Understanding and embracing the contributions people from different backgrounds and ideologies can bring to the university is an important step. Maintaining excellence through diversity requires the development of an environment free from discrimination and harassment and a workforce equipped with culturally competent skills. 

Workshops designed to foster the acquisition of these skills may include dissemination of cultural and historical knowledge, exploration of values, participation in communication and teambuilding exercises, and analysis of scenarios. Faculty, management, team leaders, and all levels of professional and support staff at the UCI campus and Medical Center are invited to participate in the training programs offered by the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity (OEOD). 

The training opportunities available through the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity are listed below. For specific topics not listed here, or for training in a language other than English, contact OEOD for assistance in developing a program that meets those needs. 


Diversity Development Program
The Diversity Development Program (DDP) is a program that celebrates UCI's diversity while also addressing the unresolved issues and concerns that exist in a diverse university community. Resolving these problems is essential to working in a harmonious atmosphere. DDP explores the significance of the participants' backgrounds, cultures, and unique experiences in defining their identity and expectations. This six-month certificate program provides a unique opportunity for staff, students, and faculty to engage in serious discussion on various topics concerning diversity. 

Diversity in Medicine
The Diversity in Medicine course, co-sponsored by the School of Medicine and the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity, provides information to assist healthcare professionals and medical students maximize the quality of patient care in a diverse society. Participants learn the customs, values, and behavior patterns of various cultures and how these factors affect health, illness, and the giving and receiving of health care. The course is open to faculty, staff, students, and community members. 

House of Worship Tour Series
The House of Worship Tour series aims to educate UCI campus participants about the beliefs and practices of different faith traditions, highlight commonalities, explore the issues and challenges of religious diversity, and encourage open dialogue on and off campus. The series consists of guided site visits to four local houses of worship: a synagogue (Jewish), a church (Christian), a temple (Buddhist), and a mosque (Islamic). Participation in the series is open to all UCI staff and faculty. 

Orientation and Professional Training Program (OPT)
UCI Orientation & Professional Training Program provides limited English-speaking employees with an orientation to the physical and cultural maps of the campus as well as professional development that will lay a strong foundation for campus pride, community engagement, and mutual respect. This ten-session program is offered to one or two departments a year, and includes a variety of topics and speakers from around the campus as well as professional development session(s) tailored to the specific group of employee participants. 

Equal Opportunity & Your Role as a Supervisor 
The Equal Opportunity module of the Human Resources' Effective Supervision Certificate Program is offered by OEOD staff. Supervisors will learn about UCI's nondiscrimination and affirmative action policies, as well as methods to identify and prevent discrimination in employment actions. Participants will explore how valuing differences can help them successfully lead a diverse work unit toward enhanced quality and productivity. Information regarding resources available at UCI to address these issues will also be presented. Attend a class by signing up online through UC Learning Center and enrolling in Equal Opportunity Work Environment/Your Role as Supervisor. 

Cultural Awareness Workshop 
The Cultural Awareness Workshop focuses on organizing collaborative efforts to improve communication and develop effective working relationships between cultures by examining changing demographics, diverse cultures, and differing manners of communication. 

Intercultural Communication Workshop 
This workshop addresses multicultural issues in the workplace with special emphasis on intercultural communication. The backgrounds, cultures, and unique experiences of participants are highlighted in the context of intercultural relations and understanding of diversity. 

Departmental Inservice Training 
This program provides training in the methods for teambuilding, improving communication between co-workers, and developing amicable working relationships in a multicultural workplace. The training sessions are tailored to the specific needs of individual departments. 

Executive Briefings 
Executive briefings provide UCI constituents with information regarding cultural sensitivity and the appropriate protocol for travel to or hosting delegations from another country. The workshops include support materials such as special web sites and articles. OEOD has sponsored briefings for executives, international medical doctors, deans, directors, and campus officials. 

Consultations and Program Development 
Consultations are available to departments wishing to research and plan faculty and/or staff development programs in the areas of diversity, cultural competency, and conflict management. Please contact OEOD for information on resources, concepts, and models that are available to meet departmental training needs. 


The Sexual Harassment Officer and OEOD staff provide sexual harassment prevention workshops throughout the campus and the Medical Center for faculty, staff, and students. Topics for discussion include policies and laws regarding sexual harassment and sex offenses, examples of harassment and sex offenses, liability for such conduct, effects of harassment and sexual violence, reporting requirements, resources for parties involved, protections for complainants, witnesses, and individuals accused of sexual harassment and/or sexual violence, and First Amendment/academic freedom issues. For more information on workshop options, go to www.oeod.uci.edu/sho.