Sexual Harassment Advisors (SHAs) are members of the campus and medical center communities who are trained to assist students, faculty, and staff with concerns about sexual harassment.  The SHAs are knowledgeable about applicable laws, university policies and procedures, options available for resolution of complaints, and confidentiality requirements.  The SHAs act as an information resource and will:


  • Provide a copy of the UCI Sexual Harassment Policy and OEOD contact information
  • Inform the complainant of the distinction between an informal and a formal complaint
  • Provide information about and discuss options, including mediation, which may be taken without filing a formal complaint
  • Discuss confidentiality and the “need to know”
  • Encourage reporting of criminal acts
  • Inform/consult with the Sexual Harassment Officer.


The following individuals have agreed to serve as Sexual Harassment Advisors:

Name Contact Academic Unit Located
Dedra Butler


(949) 824-3829


Athletics Campus
Kathleen Treseder


(949) 824-7634


Biological Sciences Campus
Thuy Thirawankanok



(949) 824-8973


Business Campus
Norma Arevalo


(949) 824-6987


DUE; Undecided/ Undeclared Advising Campus
Kimberly Ayala


(949) 824-6987


DUE; Undecided/ Undeclared Advising Campus

Laurel Bartenstein


(949) 824-4843


Engineering Campus
Yolanda Choo


(949) 824-9950


Humanities Campus
Burdett, Kimberli


(949) 824-7248


Housing Campus
Alice Martinez

(949) 824-4257


Human Resources Campus
Anna Wimberly


(949) 824-7249, 47757


International Center Campus
Katheryn Kjaer


(949) 824-8521


Library Campus
Karen Tano


(949) 824-7512


Office of Research Campus
Sinqui Musto


(949) 824-4236


Office of Research Campus
Jillian LeMaster-Dwyer


(949) 824-4470

Physical Sciences Campus
Jeff Hutchison


(949) 824-1140, 45223


Police Department Campus
Christopher Park


(949) 824-9365


Social Ecology Campus
Cindy Lefmann


(949) 824-6872


University Extension Campus
Monica Prentice


(949) 824-2239


University Extension Campus
Paul Kronheim


(714) 456-6163


Human Resources Medical Center
Dale Cole


(714) 456-7876


Human Resources Medical Center
Dawn Skirvin


(714) 456-6697


Human Resources Medical Center